SDG3: Better emotional education instead of quick access to pills

Good health and well-being are connected through mental health which is becoming increasingly important in modern times. An important part of this goal has a lot to do with finding words that give answers to what? and to: why? The first one is relatively easy. We are all great experts when it comes to saying … Sigue leyendo SDG3: Better emotional education instead of quick access to pills

The end of the Midas dynasty

Midas was a king who had it all. He considered himself a happy man and believed that the source of his happiness was provided by gold. Nothing would make him happier than to spend his days counting his golden coins, adorning his body with golden objects, and taking the occasional dip into a bath full … Sigue leyendo The end of the Midas dynasty

Through ‘More Local’ to ‘More Europe’

Name one utopic vision that turned reality? A few years ago, with a group of colleagues from LUMES, while working on envisioning future environmental scenarios, we came upon this question. When my turn arrived, I've named the European Union as the most incredible utopic vision ever to become a reality. As an argument, I've reconstructed … Sigue leyendo Through ‘More Local’ to ‘More Europe’


Si las culturas lingüísticas diferentes crean individuos diferentes[1], yo soy claramente inacabado. Obligado por mi propia voluntad y sus correspondientes circunstancias, diariamente vivo inmerso en cinco culturas lingüísticas. Cuando digo cinco distingo claramente entre la cultura lingüística de la lengua croata de la, lingüísticamente hablando, muy parecida lengua serbia, por los motivos que quedaron obvios … Sigue leyendo Inacabado

Las llaves de la confianza

- Europa,… - la mujer hizo una breve pausa antes de continuar - Está bien, pero hay muchos que creen que sería mejor si cada casa tuviera la llave propia. – me decía la madre de nuestra encantadora anfitriona. En su voz, todo oído afinado a detectar los tonos agudos de añoranza fácilmente hubiera captado … Sigue leyendo Las llaves de la confianza