SDG5: Meritocracy, Technology and Universal Basic Income

I can't think of any profession where having a penis is a guarantee for better job performance. And yet, having one gives professionals with penis a much better chance to receive a higher salary than the professionals without one. In the last few decades, we have come a long way in closing the gender pay … Sigue leyendo SDG5: Meritocracy, Technology and Universal Basic Income

Sweden: How much risk is ‘lagom’?

After 12 months and two pandemic waves, there are two drivers that can help to understand what stands behind the “Swedish approach”. These two drivers are maintaining 1) trust in the expert intuitions by reassuring confidence in the strategy being defined and 2) social contract built on two centuries living without war.   The Swedish national … Sigue leyendo Sweden: How much risk is ‘lagom’?

The (show)man who would be a king

The news of the great Sean Connery's death reminded me of a scene from the ‘Man who would be king’. In that scene, after being arrested and standing in front of an army commissioner accused of a blackmail attempt, Daniel Dravot (Connery) stands alongside Peachy Carnehan (Michael Caine).      “There may be no criminal charges … Sigue leyendo The (show)man who would be a king

Being a president of Usastan is still a ‘great deal’

This fictitious scenario is simply a product of my imagination. But so it was the idea of Donald Trump becoming the US President. Prior to his nomination to the 2016 elections, this idea was simply a narrative material used by talk shows and the Simpsons to entertain their audience. And then it stopped being funny. … Sigue leyendo Being a president of Usastan is still a ‘great deal’

Bots are votes

“More than half of Internet traffic today comes from bots. These non-human visitors crawl the web constantly, their numbers are increasing, and they are getting smarter and more human-like by the minute.” The results from the annual Imperva Incapsula Bot Traffic Report reveal many aspects of modern society but perhaps the most important one relates … Sigue leyendo Bots are votes

Trump Vs. President

Citizen Donald J. Trump has perpetrated an offense against the reputation of the President of the United States of America. On Thursday, the 23rd of April, while addressing the media, this person has suggested that injecting disinfectant and exposing sunlight holds (“tremendous”, “pretty powerful”) faculties that could potentially cure the COVID-19 virus patients. By doing … Sigue leyendo Trump Vs. President

Dèu n’hi do, nois!

Los restos del Generalísimo Francisco Franco serán trasladados a la Sagrada Familia. La noticia recogida de un futuro no tan lejano, sigue el decreto firmado por el Presidente del Gobierno de España, Santiago Abascal Conde y coincide con el fin de las obras en el templo diseñado por el arquitecto español Antonio Gaudí. La noticia … Sigue leyendo Dèu n’hi do, nois!

La envidia lunática

Siento una cierta envidia por la generación que llegó a la Luna porque el debate que la proeza construyó quedó enmarcado dentro de aquella célebre frase de Voltaire: Si Dios no existiera habría que inventarlo. Aquella imagen ofreció todo un paradigma nuevo para transformar la visión futura. Independientemente si son verdad o ficción, (aquellos pasos … Sigue leyendo La envidia lunática