Fit in or stand out?

There is no right or wrong answer to this challenging social dilemma. The complex reality of organizational behavior shows that the choice is rarely black or white. Instinctively one might believe that leaders should always stand out. The reality proves that often the most effective leadership is invisible. Eventually, it all comes down to the … Sigue leyendo Fit in or stand out?

Eudaimonia of scale

These letters have been brought to your attention through a series of interactions between different materials. You were most likely reading these lines on your phone after a vibrating tone, and bright flashes alerted your attention. These were made possible by tungsten, found in the phone vibrating mechanism, and indium and/or some other rare earth … Sigue leyendo Eudaimonia of scale

Responsible is not a synonym for boring

While sitting on the airport bus, driving from Barcelona to the Girona Airport, one warning sign, stamped behind the driver’s seat, caught my attention. The first line was written in English and said ‘It is forbidden to eat or drink on the bus’. The line under was written in Spanish and said ‘Está completamente, prohibido … Sigue leyendo Responsible is not a synonym for boring