SDG14: The Big Blue Marble (never)ending story

The ending scene from The Big Blue (Luc Besson’s movie from 1988) is profoundly carved into my memory and my senses. That deep circularity of its symbolism erases the duality between ending and beginning. It is a tribute to Poseidon, the ancient Greek god, ruler of the seas, who is often represented by a dolphin. … Sigue leyendo SDG14: The Big Blue Marble (never)ending story

SDG9: From Catch 22 to catch me if you can

To boost the sustainable transition we need to build new infrastructures and industries. But, building more infrastructures and industries creates additional pressure and further accelerates climate change. So, how do we go about this Catch 22?     Sustainable Development Goal 9, which seeks to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation, … Sigue leyendo SDG9: From Catch 22 to catch me if you can

SDG16: To connect physically, psychologically, and spiritually while leaving a minimum carbon footprint behind

To succeed in the transition framed within the UN Sustainable Development Goals, sustainability needs to deal with the uncertainty that emerges from one of the most challenging questions it eventually encounters: 'What will humans do?' (Busch & Harris). No matter how good the governance or technological solutions being available, their success is eventually determined by … Sigue leyendo SDG16: To connect physically, psychologically, and spiritually while leaving a minimum carbon footprint behind

SDG4: Learn to live with nature and with each other

Education is the lifeblood of society. It reflects its structures and relations as no other human activity. After all, knowledge is power, and the way knowledge is shared shows how power is structured in society. When education follows that Foucauldian notion that we are not mere receptors of actions of power but instead its vessels, … Sigue leyendo SDG4: Learn to live with nature and with each other

SDG10: The perspective guides equality

For most of my life, I have lived in the migration process. I was a refugee, illegal and legal immigrant, and each status taught me a lot about this goal's importance. Each condition gave me a unique perspective into values different societies cherish, hierarchies that sustain their social structures, and communicative paths that organize the … Sigue leyendo SDG10: The perspective guides equality

SDG12: First, do no harm!

Human health is intrinsically related to environmental health. That is perhaps one of the most valuable lessons to be learned from the Covid19 pandemic; which has proven to be a manifestation of the earlier published conclusion that pointed out climate change as a potential factor for the emergence of pattern transitions in spatial epidemics [1]. … Sigue leyendo SDG12: First, do no harm!

SDG7: ‘Affordable’ is becoming redundant

Cleaner. Inexhaustible. Cheaper. These are some of the attributes that follow renewable energy source production. So, why is this type of energy still being considered an “alternative” option? One (and perhaps the most important) of the reasons is the technological lock-in that the present and dominant technological regimes (or paradigms) are being controlled by. Lock-in … Sigue leyendo SDG7: ‘Affordable’ is becoming redundant

SDG13: Co-Intelligence: Cogito ergo sumus

“How is she qualified to talk about climate change?” I have often heard these and similar questions regarding Greta Thunberg’s competencies. Ever since she became one of the most prominent figures in the fight against climate change, people became triggered by the gap between her youth and the central role she plays. They question Greta’s … Sigue leyendo SDG13: Co-Intelligence: Cogito ergo sumus

The end of the Midas dynasty

Midas was a king who had it all. He considered himself a happy man and believed that the source of his happiness was provided by gold. Nothing would make him happier than to spend his days counting his golden coins, adorning his body with golden objects, and taking the occasional dip into a bath full … Sigue leyendo The end of the Midas dynasty

Through ‘More Local’ to ‘More Europe’

Name one utopic vision that turned reality? A few years ago, with a group of colleagues from LUMES, while working on envisioning future environmental scenarios, we came upon this question. When my turn arrived, I've named the European Union as the most incredible utopic vision ever to become a reality. As an argument, I've reconstructed … Sigue leyendo Through ‘More Local’ to ‘More Europe’