Trump Vs. President

Citizen Donald J. Trump has perpetrated an offense against the reputation of the President of the United States of America. On Thursday, the 23rd of April, while addressing the media, this person has suggested that injecting disinfectant and exposing sunlight holds (“tremendous”, “pretty powerful”) faculties that could potentially cure the COVID-19 virus patients. By doing … Sigue leyendo Trump Vs. President

Responsible is not a synonym for boring

While sitting on the airport bus, driving from Barcelona to the Girona Airport, one warning sign, stamped behind the driver’s seat, caught my attention. The first line was written in English and said ‘It is forbidden to eat or drink on the bus’. The line under was written in Spanish and said ‘Está completamente, prohibido … Sigue leyendo Responsible is not a synonym for boring

The Brave New 10% Better World

‘Stay home, I'm begging you... because I love you!’ The President’s mantra was floating from the screen. It vibrated from that same hypnotic frequency reserved for the transmission of selected brainwaves circumstantially confined into messianic isolation from the destiny of the mortal souls. It was that same frequency granted to the “Chosen Ones” and “Saviors” … Sigue leyendo The Brave New 10% Better World