Sembrar valores de la economía decarbonizada

El Día Internacional de la Empresa Familiar nació con el propósito de concienciar sobre la importancia que tiene la empresa familiar como la vértebra socio-económica de cualquier país. La iniciativa surgió en México, hace una década y desde entonces se lleva conmemorando en muchos países. La idea surgió mientras trabajaba en Fundación Heres. Un día … Sigue leyendo Sembrar valores de la economía decarbonizada

It will get better!

When approaching the electricity price analysis and projections there are several key factors to keep in mind. The main factors that influence the price of electricity to be considered are fuels, power plant costs, transmission, distribution system, weather conditions, and regulations. These are the main factors driving the electricity markets dominated by fossil fuels. But … Sigue leyendo It will get better!

Let’s stop the third attempt!

If, as described by Kurt Vonnegut, the Second World War was “Western Civilization's second unsuccessful attempt to commit suicide," anthropogenic climate change would be the third one. On the other hand, it is a step up because what we are witnessing today is how Business as Usual is making this Western Civilization’s third attempt global. … Sigue leyendo Let’s stop the third attempt!

Renewable energy is a value, not a cost miracle

In his latest post ‘Who created the renewable-energy miracle?’, Paul Krugman writes that “there’s a really good case to be made that (US) government support for renewable energy created a cost miracle that might not have happened otherwise — and this cost miracle may be the key to saving us from utter climate catastrophe.” Although … Sigue leyendo Renewable energy is a value, not a cost miracle

The Afghan ‘curse of plenty’, is global

“We are at risk of the curse of plenty, [the] curse of resources." The circumstances have played along whether this was Ashraf Ghani, the already ex-president of Afghanistan and a former World Bank economist, stating a self-fulfilling prophecy or presenting a rational socio-economic analysis. However, the ‘curse’ has not manifested itself in the form of … Sigue leyendo The Afghan ‘curse of plenty’, is global

Chance and change go hand in hand

“Philosophically, intellectually—in every way—human society is unprepared for the rise of artificial intelligence," states Henry Kissinger in this interesting article. Inspired by the announcement of the computer program that would soon challenge international champions in the game Go, the former US secretary of state reflects on the challenges humanity faces amid the speed development of … Sigue leyendo Chance and change go hand in hand

The Planet can afford four more years, but humanity can’t

One day before the US elections, Finland recorded the highest November temperature in history.  At the same time, World Economic Forum alerts that 2020 is on course to be the warmest year on record. The time is running out. The colossal surprise from the 2016 US elections has proven the painful reality behind the statement, … Sigue leyendo The Planet can afford four more years, but humanity can’t

Triple Bottom Line

"Sustainability reporting must consist of statements about the extent to which corporations are reducing (or increasing) the options available to future generations" Prof. Rob Gray It is apparent that "businesses have a vital role to play in the sustainability transition" (European Commission, 2019, p.26). But an important part of the implementation of this transition relies … Sigue leyendo Triple Bottom Line