Eudaimonia of scale

These letters have been brought to your attention through a series of interactions between different materials. You were most likely reading these lines on your phone after a vibrating tone, and bright flashes alerted your attention. These were made possible by tungsten, found in the phone vibrating mechanism, and indium and/or some other rare earth … Sigue leyendo Eudaimonia of scale

From linear to circular citizens

Europe is resource-poor. Compared to most other continents, we don't have vast reserves of natural reserves buried underground. But, if instead of under we focus above ground, this shouldn't be an obstacle to our future development. There is an enormous amount of material to be recovered from recycling waste. According to Eurostat (see Figure 2), … Sigue leyendo From linear to circular citizens

De los ‘capitanes de industria’ a los fiduciarios del desarrollo sostenible

Para salir de la crisis impulsada por la pandemia Covid-19, “España deberá dotarse de una política industrial de nuevo tipo, basada en la digitalización y la descarbonización de la economía”, asegura Enric Juliana en un análisis (ya de costumbre) bien informado y acertado. A continuación el directivo de La Vanguardia vaticina que tal proceso no … Sigue leyendo De los ‘capitanes de industria’ a los fiduciarios del desarrollo sostenible

Seeds for a carbon-free economy

Until recently, the first-mover dilemma was one of the main reasons for blocking companies’ decision to act more sustainably. The balance between the advantages and disadvantages, which this decision carried, often resulted in pointing out the potential loss of market share or competitiveness, hence the disadvantage side of the dilemma. Today, it is no longer … Sigue leyendo Seeds for a carbon-free economy