Finding Adam Smith – again

If it weren't for the terrible loss of our loved ones, the Covid19 pandemic would be the first-ever global opportunity to put a value on the statement that human wellbeing increases through consumption. This was one of the fundamental presumptions behind the economic growth models, which, through globalization, turned into a central force behind different … Sigue leyendo Finding Adam Smith – again

Being a president of Usastan is still a ‘great deal’

"This is a nightmare. I still can’t believe that this is happening to us."  – With a trembling voice and teary eyes, John Yao laments his faith outside the improvised refugee camp in Deleware. It is here where Yao has found refuge after being forced by the Republican militia to leave their homes. Together with … Sigue leyendo Being a president of Usastan is still a ‘great deal’

Triple Bottom Line

"Sustainability reporting must consist of statements about the extent to which corporations are reducing (or increasing) the options available to future generations" Prof. Rob Gray It is apparent that "businesses have a vital role to play in the sustainability transition" (European Commission, 2019, p.26). But an important part of the implementation of this transition relies … Sigue leyendo Triple Bottom Line

Bots are votes

“More than half of Internet traffic today comes from bots. These non-human visitors crawl the web constantly, their numbers are increasing, and they are getting smarter and more human-like by the minute.” The results from the annual Imperva Incapsula Bot Traffic Report reveal many aspects of modern society but perhaps the most important one relates … Sigue leyendo Bots are votes

Fit in or stand out?

There is no right or wrong answer to this challenging social dilemma. The complex reality of organizational behavior shows that the choice is rarely black or white. Instinctively one might believe that leaders should always stand out. The reality proves that often the most effective leadership is invisible. Eventually, it all comes down to the … Sigue leyendo Fit in or stand out?

New guilt management

Since the early days' of our hunter/gatherer ancestors, human societies have developed belief systems. These systems evolved around different myths through which our relationship with nature has been shaped. Floods, wildfires, famines, droughts, epidemics, and other disasters were attributed to gods' deception. In order to appease them, sacrifices had to be made. This became a … Sigue leyendo New guilt management

Eudaimonia of scale

These letters have been brought to your attention through a series of interactions between different materials. You were most likely reading these lines on your phone after a vibrating tone, and bright flashes alerted your attention. These were made possible by tungsten, found in the phone vibrating mechanism, and indium and/or some other rare earth … Sigue leyendo Eudaimonia of scale

From linear to circular citizens

Europe is resource-poor. Compared to most other continents, we don't have vast reserves of natural reserves buried underground. But, if instead of under we focus above ground, this shouldn't be an obstacle to our future development. There is an enormous amount of material to be recovered from recycling waste. According to Eurostat (see Figure 2), … Sigue leyendo From linear to circular citizens