Manipulation is a strategic skill that distorts contexts to favor the results one is expecting to achieve. Donald Trump has transformed it into an art expression. I refer to that same art that Terence Trent D’Arby once defined as “anything that you can get away with”

Despite the opinion of all the other parities included in a nuclear deal with Iran, Trump has announced the US is pulling out. Instead of respecting the opinion of those who, together with the country he represents, negotiated the deal he decided to favor the accusations from those who were not part of the deal. Israel and Saudi Arabia who fear their influence in the region weakened by Iran have pushed the American president to pull out of the deal.

Many voices alert that the consequences of such decision could be devastating for the region and for the World peace. However, if something Trump has proven to be coherent at is that he doesn’t care about the consequences. He only cares about the results, as he often likes to repeat.

In his dictionary the result means benefit. And here it is:

Oil prices jumped to their highest since 2014 after President Donald Trump announced the US was pulling out of a nuclear deal with Iran.

After all Trump is just a businessman and as such believes the phrase “it’s my job” provides the moral shield for his actions. And if no one has still been able to determine what he believes in or where he stands, it is because those he works for have wanted it that way.

But now it became obvious who the employer is. It is the oil industry.

The oil industry has stalled action on climate change from the inside and sold America on fossil fuels. It is shaping the international politics agenda and playing with the lives of millions in order to be able to continue pumping up fossil fuel and pump up their benefits.

It is pushing the same buttons over and over again to keep the Middle East conflict alive in order to manipulate the oil prices and by doing so shape the World’s economy. There for, if we are to reach the long lasting peace in the Middle East we need to build a sustainable economy based on alternative and renewable energy resources. We have to overcome the state-nation model and place climate change and environmental challenges at the top of all our agendas.

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