Bättre ut!  

I am happy to announce that, after nearly two years of collaboration and the successful completion of KUMA, I will be joining Kriminalvården on a permanent basis.

All of the socioeconomic, and most of environmental impacts, are driven by human behavior. Our ability to remedy the negative and reinforce the positive impacts begins by evaluating and predicting the same question: What will people do?

I am happy to be part of this great institution for it not just provides but also constantly improves and develops its answers.

What began as a part-time collaboration within a unique environment had over time grown into an exciting journey through the workings of human behavior. Perhaps due to my insatiable curiosity and the desire to understand human nature, I instantly overcame the initial prejudices and preconceived ideas which often surround the prison environment. On the one hand, this was made possible through the genuine appreciation and support that I’ve received from the incredible group of colleagues. On the other, it happened due to the learning organizations´ culture that impregnates Kriminalvården.

Over many decades, Kriminalvården has built a world-renowned reputation. It has done so mainly due to the scientific evidence-based approach to reducing criminal recidivism, proven methodology, and the strength of the shared vision. Hence, it feels like a natural following on my journey through systemic intervention and bringing forward positive change in human behavior.

Through the sense of service and commitment, I hope to contribute to the Bättre ut! This Kriminalvårdens shared vision, while making sure that no one is left behind, provides a very important service. It strengthens social sustainability.

After all, a chain is as strong as its weakest link! And now, perhaps more than ever, we need the strongest chain to weather the storm.

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