Triple Bottom Line

«Sustainability reporting must consist of statements about the extent to which corporations are reducing (or increasing) the options available to future generations» Prof. Rob Gray

It is apparent that «businesses have a vital role to play in the sustainability transition» (European Commission, 2019, p.26). But an important part of the implementation of this transition relies upon the ability of policymakers and business decision-makers to collaborate and manage change. Understanding mutual initial stands and motivation is fundamental. The environmentality framework permits mapping out the relations to manage the transformative change which, among others, requires a shift in values, because; “After all, sustainability is largely a value proposition: we make choices about how much climate risk we are willing to accept, what our notion of progress is, and what role the natural environment plays in our lives” (Burch & Harris, p.190)

(Extract from From the captains of industry to the trustees of sustainability: the positioning of the large family-owned companies’ core values regarding the Green Deal for Europe’s decarbonization goals )

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