Not again!

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While the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was «preparing to deploy to Syria shortly«, in a fact-finding mission to establish whether the Syrian regime had used chemical weapons in the town of Douma, USA, supported by Great Britain and France, have launched the attack over Syria.

It is yet to be seen how far the consequences of this attack, (which militarily speaking is highly unlikely to inflict any significant impact to the course of the war on the ground), will reach. However, it is easily seen where it is coming from. This mise-en-scène of showing of the power of Trump’s “nice and new and ‘smart’ toys is clearly aimed to guide media attention towards the agenda established by the countries behind the attack. The three countries whose administrations deal with a complex internal turmoil that threatens their stability and continuity.

On the other hand it is aimed to provoke reactions from Russia. Reactions that would cause its further isolation and eventually deepen its economic decline in the hope that it would lead to political changes in the country that controls some of the world’s largest reserves of natural gas.

The lack of contemporary memory is causing the amnesia that prevents from remembering that not so long ago under a pretext of alleged chemical weapons threat that it was representing to the World, Iraq was occupied. The ‘evidence’ resulted to be false. No responsibilities have been asked from those responsible of fabricating the false results. The chain reaction from the occupation of Iraq lead to more wars and the surge of ISIS.

I deeply hope that Russian leadership will prove to be more mature than the infantile tweeter sitting in the White house. I have no other choice but to wish that the consequences announced by Russian foreign minister would not go further than the diplomatic and commercial ones.

Military interventions have proven to be only useful to chain further escalations that deepen the humanitarian crisis. If Russia is truthful in its intent to secure peace in Syria it will not get involved in the further escalation of violence. The independent investigation is to determine if the Syrian regime is responsible for the alleged use of chemical weapons. If it is responsible Russia must stand on the side of global political and diplomatic response that will pressure the regime to face the consequences for such actions.

In the meantime, let’s hope that the patience will prevail for the true strength does not lie in the power to inflict pain but in the ability to anticipate the opponent’s steps.

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