The Age of Fools Day

If at this precise instant Elvis Presley, disguised as Kim Kardashian would came knocking on my door, trying to sell me Jehovah’s Witness salvation kit (he might as well call it Jehovah’s Fitness 🙂 ) the first thing I would do is google it to see if it was real.

A year ago, on the same day as today, few days after the Brexit vote I wrote that we live in the Permanent Fools Day World. Then the US elections came and I realized it’s going to be a long day!

That mythic Matrix dilemma where Morpheus offers Neo the choice between the blue and the red pill is long gone from our menu. We have swallowed both pills at once and are freaking out while the Network is making sense of the reality that we are to consume.

We have surrendered under the tyranny of the desired reality. Proud of the illusion that the humanity is equipped with the prodigious free will ability, we have forgotten that the apes, dogs and horses are as well. They too act according to their desires. The only difference lies in the fact that their desires are not as artificial as ours.

In our pompous sense of superiority over anything that nature provides, we have forgotten that we don’t make our desires. Or, as Juval Noah Harari has perfectly put it:

“I don’t choose my desires. I only feel them and act accordingly”.    

After centuries of drilling for resources to create wealth, the mining has come up with a fantastically cheap solution. Instead of drilling, let’s have resources come to us. And (BTW) let’s make them do it for free.

The new prosperous mining industry is called data mining and one of its most successful subsidiaries is Cambridge Analytica.

The endless streams of desires, piled up in massive data bases, are craftily set into algorithms that trigger the “free will”. Then the “free will” is called to vote and the results come: Brexit. Trump. Argentina, the Czech Republic, Kenya, India, Nigeria… In the Age of Fools Day, Cambridge Analytics provides “free will” to the highest bidder.

The Reality is dead. Long live the Reality.

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