“Trump is the answer”

The wrong answer

If that is so, there is something terribly wrong with the question. If the question was to break the illusion of maintaining the infinite growth on the cost of finite resources, the answer is wrong. If the question was do we believe that the poor are poor because they made bad decisions and not because they had no other choice, the answer is wrong. If the question was if we can keep having the ¾ of the world as a sweatshop that is supposed to provide comfort for the lucky ¼, the answer was wrong. If the question was whether we still have time to keep on believing in the power of invisible GDP over the visible climate change, the answer is wrong. If the question was whether we need emotionally balanced leaders to steer the humanity through the turmoil of the increasing complexity, well,… again the answer was wrong.

At the end, it has to do with Antonio Machado’s verse:

“Sólo el necio confunde valor y precio”

«Only the fool confuses value and price.»

The 45th president of the country that has based its growth on turning the half of the world into its factory, dump yard and/or “national interest” now says “America first”. SOB (Son of Bush) had somewhat similar isolationist start in the office. While tagging “interventionist” the previous administration, SOB went from stating «If we don’t stop extending our troops all around the world in nation-building missions, then we’re going to have a serious problem coming down the road. And I’m going to prevent that.» to making one of the biggest US troops international deployment since the II World War.

In those pre-tweeter times, that very few probably remember, with a similar arrogance as Trump, SOB was advising that the best way to halt forest fires was by cutting trees. This similar line of narrative has lead us to listen to the sound of drumming against the “fake news”, while introducing the new standard of accuracy of reality by naming “alternative facts”, what in the eyes of the rest of the world was seen as flagrant lying.

And here we are, one year and thousand tweets later, the Lord of the Alternative Truth is still running the show.

The only way I can see that he might be the answer, is that all his actions place in evidence the need for bridging the gap between nations. The moment to build the global initiatives that go beyond the financial short term corporate interests. The responsibility to reset the greed and ego run mindset. The obligation to provide better conditions for the generations to come, better than those we were entrusted with.

The Lord of the Alternative Truth’s actions provides a perfect road map to get there.

All we have to do is “Do the opposite”

And for those who are still under the spells of his tweeted reality, here are some questions you might need to answer before seeing him as the answer.

  • If it’s ok to grab them by the pussy, what about your daughter/wife/sister/mother?
  • If there’s no climate change, why is it getting warmer each year?
  • If he builds the wall, how will you get out?
  • If it’s OK to say “We don’t want poor immigrants” what’s your plan when he says “We don’t want poor Americans”?
  • Now that he reduces the taxes who is going to pay for the schools and hospitals?
  • If he’s “the winner”, what are you?


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