God damn circumstances!


There are two ways of hiding the truth. The first one is to hide it inside the huge pile of lies and the other one is to leave it wide open, with just one single doubt standing next to it. But if one should have to choose between one and the other, it can be helpful to keep in mind that lies benefit far greater from the presence of the doubt than from the absence of truth.

And it is what the Trump Era is putting in evidence. Most people will not have patience to search for the truth in the big pile of lies. But placing a doubt in the media capacity of telling the truth has an even greater effect on the long therm.

By eliminating the media from the equation men are left to their intuition and one of the major abilities it has is to jump to conclusions.

So when people doubt the veracity of anything that is in front of them they tend to create their own opinions, ideas and facts. The lack of information and trust in the source tends to make people make presumptions based on speculations and premonitions. And there we have it; the so far the greatest contribution from the Trump administration to the “free world”: THE INVENTION OF THE ALTERNATIVE FACTS.  

The practice imposed by the new US administration is to generate new circumstances, whenever being caught in the situation of not seeing any that they like. Instead of changing or improving them; why the hell not just making some damn new terrific ones. Isn’t it anyway what we do with all the other stuff? If you don’t like it, just ditch it and get a new one. What’s the big deal?! After all, I am officially the most powerful man on Earth so if I can’t who the hell can?

However, what in all its greatness the Terrific One and his Incredible Folk haven’t taken in consideration is that: new circumstances come with new contexts. And that always comes with new complexity.

Today’s media are far from perfect. But the alternative of not having them is far worst. We’ve tried it in history and it never worked. So instead of trying to beat the odds and drum up men about how bad the media are; why not giving some good example of implementing the media code of ethics?

Here’s the hint; pointing at Sweden as an example of how bad things are in the countries where the Terrific One doesn’t rule is not a good example.

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