Fixers, left behind

My life experiences led me to different professions. However, working as a fixer was probably the most intense one. It was an incredible source of learning and growth. During two years in Kosovo (1999-2001), I worked with many different war correspondents and media. Despite the danger and differences in our views, I was never left behind. Unfortunately, this is not the case for thousands of interpreters, guides, fixers, and stringers who are being left behind in Afghanistan. Their lives are in danger because of the professional services they have provided. Now that their services are no longer required, they have nowhere to go. Theirs and the lives of their families are at the mercy of the Taliban militia.

In this article, written for La Marea, I share mine and the experiences of several war correspondents on what it means to work as and with the fixer. (Click HERE for the article – written and published in Spanish)

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