Burning cold war

This new war is getting burning cold. The chess board is tumbling and the players are getting anxious and hasty to take risks. They are keeping appearances, trying to look brave in front of the cameras.

The whole world is watching, but they keep their cool. Tough guys. Brave leaders. Chosen to lead their people.

They are taking a stand. Raising stakes. Their people applaud.

Until they realize that the stake were their lives.

How easy it is to gamble when you got nothing to lose. When you play with what is not yours to give or gamble. How easy is to be tough, when you are the last one to get hurt.

This war is about fossil fuel wealth trying to keep their benefits. At any coast. They gamble our future by exploiting finite resources to maintain the illusion of infinite growth.

It is a gamble we can’t win. The better they play the sooner it ends. And it ends for all.

Christians and Muslims, capitalist and communist, straight and gay, tall and short, black and white. At the end, it ends for all. Because the men are not above nature. We are of nature. And whichever outcome might be. Whichever side is to win the war. The nature will prevail. With or without humans.

So before they manage to convince you that that the bombs they throw and lives they take is to serve your best interest, you need to get out of their story. Fast.

The best way to get out, is not getting in.

Be smart.

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