D-Day | How was this possible?

Before Donald discovered America, World was a terrible, terrible place. Submitted to the cruel will of Refugees and other barbarian tribes it was living the darkest of all ages ever remembered since the Genesis. But their vicious cruelty would not be as efficient in its oppression without the traitorous support from corrupt intellectual elite. Those were responsible of manufacturing some of the greatest atrocities in the making of the human kind. The one that stands above all other is a systematic process of shaping human consciousness to believe in a climate change and the alleged human responsibility. (See more on page 79 Chapter: Anthropocene and other Green Lies).

Donald, with the unconditional support from brave men inspired with his powerful Tweets, put an end to it and freed the mankind from the suffocating burden of these wild vicious hordes. Many are we to be grateful today, but one stands more equal than the others. It is the admiral Bannon whose vision, fate and devotion inspired the process of making America even greater. (See more page on page 253 Chapter: Even greater: The vision to ‘deconstruct’ Washington). Together this few, this happy few band of brothers has fought for us and our children to enjoy the safety and prosperity behind The Wall.

It is why each year we gather to choir and celebrate the 9N as a D-Day. The day that made history continue after the intellectual elite terror decided to put an end to it. (See page 41 Chapter: Fukuyama, the Red Baron)

What you have just read is the extract from the True American History, published in 2047. It is a result of meticulous investigation of Tweeter and the Breitbart News Archive, deposited in National Congress Library.

If you find it too unbelievable and far too future-fictitious, please take a short look back and think about the USA before the 9th of November 2016. How was this possible?


Many didn’t take him seriously. That was his advantage.

Get serious! It’s serious!

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